Nikita Boss on That Shocking Twist and Amanda’s Fate – Plus, the ‘Mikita’ Ending You Didn’t See!

One of my favourite series


Nikita Series FinaleAnd they all lived happily ever after…

No, really! The CW’s cult-beloved spy thriller Nikita wrapped its four-season run on Friday with the entire crime-fighting crew — save for last week’s fallen fan fave — being sent off in satisfied (and satisfying!) fashion.

With Amanda back in the basement — this time, forever — Nikita was finally able to let go of her past and look toward a future with her main man Michael. Alex, meanwhile, went on to earn accolades for her crusade against human trafficking, with an Owen-esque Sam by her side. And Birkhoff graced the world with Shadownet’s brilliance before retreating overseas to his lady love Sonya.  Oh, and did we mention that ‘Mikita’ eloped?!

Here, Nikita mastermind Craig Silverstein delves into the series finale’s biggest twists (Amanda lives! Nikita cons us all!), reveals what he would have changed had time permitted (we’re looking at you, ‘Olex’)…

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I’m scared cause I’m not scared. Usually, I get scared before every math exam but surprisingly this is a really important exam yet I feel so relaxed about it. Let’s just see how it goes tomorrow….gotta go guys, goodnight.

Just got back from school. OMG! Oxbridge is as stressful AF. Can’t believe exams are starting tomorrow. It’s a good thing my papers are starting on Thursday. More time to study ☺

Man Dies Trying to Save Dog That Fell Through Ice

Such unconditional love!


A New York City man died while rescuing his dog from a freezing lake, according to a report.

Garvin Brown, 34, was walking his dog near the Naples, N.Y. home he and his fiancee had rented, about 40 miles from Rochester, N.Y., about 1 a.m. Sunday when the pup fell through the ice on a pond, the Associated Press reports.

Brown went after his dog and also crashed through the ice. He drowned when he was unable to get out of the cold water.

According to the AP, the dog survived.


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Iowa Woman Was Taking a Shower When She Suddenly Gave Birth


An Iowa woman recently gave birth to a baby while taking a shower, the Des Moines Register reports.

Brittany Young, 24, of Des Moines said she decided to take a shower because she was having stomach pains. But they didn’t go away, and before she knew it, she pushed out a 6-pound, 8-ounce baby aptly named Miracle. A friend called an ambulance. Paramedics arrived, cut the umbilical cord and took the baby to Mercy Medical Center.

Young told the Des Moines Registerthat the baby opened its eyes and did not cry: “I was like, there’s a baby here.”

The more “surprise birth” stories are reported—whether it happens on a PATH train or in a Baltimore airport bathroom—the more it shows how unpredictable labor can be. “Some women don’t feel the pain of labor contractions,” as previously reported, based on a conversation with an obstetrician. “In other…

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The Flash

I’m so excited right now. Episode 15 of The Flash is gonna be released tomorrow. Can’t wait!!…funny how exams are starting on Wednesday…😃

Kendrick Lamar Just Dropped His New Album, To Pimp a Butterfly

The one hit wonder, Kendrick Lamar just dropped his new album, check this out.


Kendrick Lamar surprised the music world just before midnight on Sunday by dropping his new album, To Pimp a Butterfly, a week early.

With little fanfare, and in similar fashion to Drake’s album release in February, Lamar simply tweeted out the album title along with a link to the iTunes purchasing interface. The album was slated for release on March 23.

There may, however, have been some miscommunication between Lamar’s Top Dawg label and Interscope Records. Top Dawg CEO Anthony Tiffith let loose with an expletive-filled Twitter rant aimed directly at Interscope, who did not respond but did retweet Lamar’s original release post.

In early February Lamar released the track “The Blacker the Berry,” which you can listen to below.

You can purchase the new album here.

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Reign, Season 2, episode 16. Reign was on a break for two weeks but guess what……. it’s back now! Here is an overview. Is this gonna get any better. Apparently, Queen Mary finally accepts to be with Lord Conde; what a disaster. She therefore asks King Francis for permission to have an affair with Lord Conde. I used to think Mary was keeping Francis away from her cause she was raped, but now it’s definitely for a reason different from that – she thinks she’s in love with Lord Conde…LOL..what a fantasy. Anyways, King Antwan succeeds in making out with Lady Kenna, Bash’s wife. Every couple is apart, except for Lady Lola and Lord Narcist. However, it is later revealed that Lord Conde still prefers Queen Elizabeth after all. You guys need to check it out.