shes the best in the whole worldddd . trust me. once you find her you’ll love her #wehavetofinddesola #shestooamzing #bestestgirleverr.


In class right now. Everywhere seems so boring. My best friend is sleeping behind me and I just have to stay awake cause this is test week….I hate times like this 😐

Hello world!

Hello readers, It’s Amarrh. I started this blog for the purpose of those who take interest in series. You’ll be seeing updates on the CW series, especially the latest; the likes of Reign and The Flash.  Pictures of scenes and updates on latest episodes would be uploaded to keep you  abreast of the storyline. It’s also going to be all about me and there would be posts on recent news. I believe it’s gonna be a marvellous journey so why not get started and ENJOY!